dentist doing tooth extraction in 10952

Most of us take our teeth for granted. We don’t realize how much our oral health contributes to our overall health and appearance. 

While the right oral care routine is often simple, if you get out of practice it’s all too easy to let dental problems escalate. That’s why our dentist might recommend tooth extraction in 10952. Learn more about when extractions are necessary. 

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When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Severe Tooth Decay

Tooth decay becomes most notable when it progresses from the enamel layer to the dentine and into the tooth’s pulp. These situations are painful, and the tooth is unlikely to heal independently.  

To resolve the issue, the tooth will need to be extracted. This extraction allows the dentist to remove the pulp, the inner portion of the tooth that feels pain because it’s actual living tissue. Removing the pulp stops the decay from further spreading to the bone and the periodontal ligament.  

Trauma to the Mouth

When a tooth is damaged due to an accident and the dental trauma is severe, it may need to be extracted. Broken and fractured teeth need to be removed to prevent possible damage or infection.  

In some cases, the dentist may recommend extraction when a tooth is broken during a sporting event. The severity of the dental injury may require immediate treatment.  


If a tooth is impacted, it cannot move through the gum tissue. This condition can cause significant pain and may lead to infection of the surrounding areas. This is why the dentist should extract the tooth immediately.  

Extraction is necessary to prevent further damage to the tooth, the gums, or surrounding tissues. An impacted tooth can be extremely painful and will be unable to heal. 


Too many teeth in one area of the mouth can cause crowding. This leads to the teeth becoming worn, making them more vulnerable to decay. To address this, the dentist may recommend extraction.  

Extraction is a necessary and common course of action when overcrowding occurs. It is often necessary to extract all teeth in a crowded area before a patient can get relief from uncomfortable toothache.  


If the gum tissue surrounding the teeth has been damaged, it can lead to the teeth beginning to loosen and fall out. Periodontitis is a common reason why a dentist will recommend extraction. The gum tissue has been damaged by the bacteria and cannot provide proper support for the teeth. This condition develops over time and leads to many health problems.  

Extraction is necessary to prevent further deterioration of the teeth, the gums, the jawbone, and surrounding tissues. Mild cases of periodontitis are known as gingivitis, and we recommend getting it treated as early as possible. 

woman getting Tooth Extraction in 10952

Do You Need Tooth Extraction in 10952?

 It may not be the most pleasant treatment you can get from your dentist, but sometimes you need to get a tooth pulled. Luckily, this procedure isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as it used to be. Today, revolutionary dental advancements have paved the way for a painless and safe tooth extraction process.  

If you need this procedure, call us at SmileBuilders to book your appointment.