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Wearing braces can be uncomfortable, yet they are very beneficial in transforming your smile. However, it’s important to note that putting braces on is only the first step to restoring crooked teeth – proper maintenance is also needed. Dental cleanings in Monsey, New York, are available, but there are also some steps you can take to maintain the cleanliness of your teeth with braces. 

The food you eat can easily stick to the wires and brackets installed into your oral cavity. In turn, it forms a build-up of plaque that has acid-producing bacteria that wear down your tooth enamel, further damaging your teeth.   

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How Should You Clean Your Braces?

Step 1: Brush with a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush

While wearing braces, your teeth are in a transformative state. Brushing the outer parts of your teeth, the part between the brackets of your braces, keeps plaque build-up from releasing acids. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush prevents irritating the gums and avoids bleeding. 

Step 2: Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

Since your braces are perfect places for food particles to get stuck in, you should brush your teeth after every meal. Since more food particles are lodged into those wires and brackets, it makes perfect sense to brush your teeth more times than usual.  

Be aware that citrus fruits are acidic and can soften the enamel after consumption. Should your meal consist of this type of food, wait for at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth. 

Step 3: Avoid Using Too Much Toothpaste

After applying toothpaste, the foam that forms in your mouth can hinder the bristles from getting into those crevices and getting out all the food particles. It is advisable to start gargling with water, then use a wet toothbrush to pick around and in between the brackets and wires. Afterward, apply a small amount of toothpaste and proceed with brushing as usual. 

Step 4: Set a 2-Minute Timer for Brushing

It’s advisable to brush your teeth for two minutes to achieve optimum cleanliness and protection. Divide your teeth into four quadrants and spend 30 seconds in each quadrant to avoid any food particles stuck in your teeth. 

Step 5: Floss

Flossing can be a little difficult with braces on. Try using oral irrigators and perform an in-and-out motion between the brackets and wires to make sure you are cleaning out the majority of your teeth.  

Step 6: Gargle with Mouth Wash Before Going to Bed

You can use a fluoride-rich mouth wash to add a layer of protection for your teeth. Doing this prevents tooth decay and strengthens your enamel. Afterward, do a visual inspection of your teeth in a mirror and check if you have missed any visible food debris stuck in your mouth’s tiny structures. 

pretty woman undergoing dental cleanings in Monsey, New York 

Book Your Regular Dental Cleanings in Monsey, New York

While doing these steps increases the chances of having your teeth in tiptop shape, don’t forget to still have those regular dental cleanings in Monsey, New York. Your dentist should have a look at the progress of your dental restoration. Through this, not only will you have straight teeth once your braces are removed, but they will also be much healthier.  

If you’re ready to give your smile a shot at perfection, call us at SmileBuilders today.