Smile Builders:
Changing How You Feel About the Dentist

There’s no substitute for compassion, no shortcut when it comes to sincerity. Children have an amazing ability to discern the difference between being treated like a person rather than a patient. Our doctors are pediatric dentists who will treat your children with a refreshing level of respect and consideration that will surprise them and shape their relationship with dental health for years to come.

At Smile Builders, we use the most technologically advanced equipment, dental and orthodontic procedures, in a state-of-the-art facility, but that’s not what kids and adults remember. They remember our jokes, the undivided attention from our attentive staff, and our compassionate approach to dentistry. They appreciate the patience the Doctors take when answering their questions, and they learn that a trip to the dentist isn’t a scary thing anymore. Instead of a place to fear, children discover a caring place full of warmth. We can’t build a beautiful smile without building trust with our patients first: that’s what Smile Builders is all about.

Dental Care You’ll Love Today, Results You’ll Continue to Enjoy Tomorrow.

We are specialists in both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, enabling us to care for your child’s smile at every stage of their growth and development. Orthodontics not only improves the healthy function of teeth but also builds self-esteem and confidence. Seeing our patients enjoy their smile is a sincere joy for all of us at Smile Builders.