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Because kids may have little to no discipline on the kind of food they consume every day, they should always have a regular visit to their pediatric dentist for teeth cleaning in 10952 to ensure they have healthy teeth. But what if your child has dental braces? That’s a whole different ball game.  

Monitoring what foods to eat is important for your child’s dental transformation to be a success. After all, having braces is not cheap, so you would probably like to get your money’s worth. Read on to find out what foods are harmful to your kid with braces. 

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6 Foods Your Kids with Braces Should Say No To

Hard Sweets

This could be tricky as children love candy. Hard candies, in particular, are harmful, especially if your kids bite into them. It could damage the brackets and wires of their braces. Also, sweets trigger acid-releasing bacteria in between their teeth that damage the enamel surrounding them. 

They also cause decalcification which breaks down the enamel, creating cavities and discolored teeth. It is important to educate your children on the importance of avoiding sweets. Plus, make sure they brush their teeth thoroughly and regularly. 

Sticky Foods

These types of foods include bubble gum, taffy, caramel, and gummy worms. They can easily stick onto your kid’s braces and can even cause the wires of their braces to bend and break. Although sugar-free chewing gum exists, it’s still not advisable since it is gooey and may stick to the crevices of the teeth and braces.  

They are also not easily removed with just a brush, although flossing after brushing their teeth could help.  


Movie nights will be slightly less enjoyable for children with braces. Popcorn easily settles into every nook and cranny of their teeth, not to mention their braces. It also has hard kernels that could damage the brackets and wires of their braces.  

Instead of popcorn for your movie nights, they can still eat ice cream, hotdogs, burgers, and fries. Just remind them to brush their teeth afterward. 


Just like popcorn, nuts have hard shells that will not be friendly to their braces. Your kid should avoid these kinds of food at all costs as they can do considerable damage to their teeth and braces. 

Hard Bread

A good example of hard bread is pizza crust, especially the chewy and stuffed kind. Remind your kids to cut off the crust if they’re planning to grab a slice. Bagels are also a type of hard bread that can damage oral appliances 

Hard Fruits and Vegetables

We know what you’re thinking. Fruits and veggies are essential for your child to have balanced nutrition. However, some hard fruits and vegetables can cause trouble with your child’s braces. Thus, remember to prepare them a certain way. For example, if you have carrot sticks, slice them into small bite-size pieces and remind them to chew carefully. 

young girl smiling after her pediatric dentist teeth cleaning in 10952 

Book a Pediatric Dentist for Teeth Cleaning in 10952

It can be tough to have to deprive your kids of the foods they love to eat. Just remember that these are for their own good and that there are other foods to try. They may just as easily love them as much as their favorite candy treat. Healthy teeth are important so that they can spread their beautiful smiles to the world.  

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