Are you missing some or all your teeth? Are you hesitant about getting an invasive restorative procedure? Are your teeth not strong enough to support dental bridges? You could benefit from getting dentures, which we’re proud to offer here at SmileBuilders!

Why Do People Get Dentures?

People get dentures to restore the appearance of their smile. It covers any missing teeth and can be removed, in whole, at any time. Dentures are also great for preventing bone loss and facial drooping–resulting from missing teeth.

Complete Dentures vs. Partial Dentures

There are two different kinds of denture configurations: complete and partial.

When all your teeth are missing, complete dentures replace the entire row. You can get complete dentures on the upper row, bottom row, or both rows. If you had to get all your teeth removed, your dentist makes complete dentures after your gum tissue has healed.

Partial dentures are more ideal for those who only have some teeth missing. With this configuration, a pink base is used to hold the replacement teeth, while the remaining teeth help keep the partial dentures in place. Some bases have a metal framework to hold the teeth in place.

Options for Your Dentures

There are three different options for your dentures, depending on your needs:

  • Conventional –A custom-made, fully removable set of dentures used after all remaining teeth have been removed. These cannot be placed until the mouth is completely healed, which may take a few months.
  • Immediate – Removable dentures are made and inserted the same day all remaining teeth have been removed. These have to be relined or remade once your jaw heels.
  • Overdenture – When some of your teeth can be saved, overdentures are prepared to fit over them. It provides better stability for the jawbone and causes less bone loss.

Do You Need Dentures in Monsey, NY?

When you need dentures, turn to the professionals at SmileBuilders. We’ll make sure to offer you the best kind for your needs, so you’ll be smiling confidently in no time. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!