You’ve gone through the entire teeth straightening process. Now it’s time to ensure you don’t have those problems again in the future. This is where retainers come in! These devices are the last step for you to take to get straighter teeth and a healthier mouth.

What is the Purpose of Retainers?

You will start using retainers toward the end of your orthodontic treatment. Whether you had braces or clear aligners, getting a retainer is always highly recommended. They can prevent your teeth from becoming misaligned again and starting the process all over!

After your braces are removed, there’s a chance your teeth will start shifting back to where they were before your treatment. Once your teeth are straight, your orthodontist will give you a retainer to wear so your teeth can remain straight.

How Long After Getting Braces Should You Wear a Retainer?

After getting your braces removed, how long you wear a retainer depends on the severity of your condition and what kind you get. Typically, you should wear a retainer for about four months to a year after your teeth straightening treatment. After that timeframe, your orthodontist will determine if you need to wear it for even longer.

Types of Retainers

There are three major types of retainers out there. Each has their pros and cons, and your orthodontist will determine which one is best for you. The different types of retainers are:

  • Hawley retainers – removable, made of metal and acrylic
  • Essix retainers – removable, made of clear plastic
  • Permanent retainers – non-removable, made of metal and glued on the back of the teeth

How Long After Getting Braces Should You Wear a Retainer?

After you get your braces removed, don’t skip the most crucial step to your orthodontic treatment. At SmileBuilders, we provide retainers that will result in a beautiful, straight smile you’re going to love. Schedule an appointment today!