One of the most magical things about being a parent is seeing your child grow and develop, gaining the tools and strengths they’ll need to be an adult one day. However, this development process doesn’t come without its fair share of vulnerabilities, and that is especially true for their dental health. Kids are especially susceptible to tooth decay, and at SmileBuilders, we can help protect your child’s teeth with stainless steel crowns in Monsey, NY.

Why Are Kids Vulnerable to Tooth Decay?

The two major reasons children have a greater propensity for developing tooth decay is the weakness of their teeth and the sensitivity of their gums.

Because “baby” teeth have thinner enamel shells, they are more sensitive to wear and tear and more easily penetrated by an infection. Children also have sensitive gums that make it difficult for them to thoroughly brush their teeth. This combination of factors puts your child at greater risk for developing cavities.

What is a Stainless-Steel Crown?

A dental crown is essentially a cap that looks like a tooth and is placed over an existing tooth to protect the structure and prevent tooth decay. A stainless-steel crown is simply a crown made out of stainless steel. This device is most commonly used on children because they are robust, stain-resistant, and naturally fall off along with their primary teeth when the time comes.

What are the Benefits of Stainless Steel Crowns?

  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Painless to insert and use
  • Protects the dental health of your child

Does Your Child Need Stainless Steel Crowns in Monsey, NY?

If your child has suffered from a serious cavity, steel crowns might be the best choice to preserve their tooth and protect it from future infection. Give SmileBuilders a call today to discuss your options!