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Do you have children? If so, do you find yourself wondering if they have good dental hygiene? Perhaps you just got your child a brand-new electric toothbrush, but is it worth it? Is the old school way better? Here’s what a certified pediatric dentist in 10952 has to say to your questions.  

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Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes 

Because electronic toothbrushes vibrate and sometimes the bristles rotate, this creates more chances to remove plaque than standard toothbrushes. Besides better plaque removal, electric brushes are known to provide better gingivitis removal as well. In addition, some models come with timers that will shut off once you’ve brushed long enough. 

These brushes are especially suited for those with a limited range of motion. In addition, the spinning and vibrating bristles do a lot of the heavy lifting for them, making them more manageable.   

They also work very well for children. For example, kids can struggle to brush their teeth properly, but an electric brush might be a fun way for them to concentrate more.  

Cons of Going Electric 

There are a few reasons why electronic options may not be suitable for your child. Despite their excellent plaque removal, they can only keep it up for about three months until you’ll have to replace the head. The costs will add up over time.  

With all other electronics, they have a shelf life too. These brushes typically sell for $20 and up; the cost of electric brushes far exceeds manuals.  

As you might notice, however, these issues don’t have anything to do with your oral health. So, if you can afford this handy tool, it can definitely be worth it. 

Pros of Manual Brushes  

Manual brushes are efficient when properly used and are cost-effective as well. There is nothing wrong with children using manual brushes, as long as they use them correctly.   

For some children, a strong electric toothbrush might seem a little too difficult to handle. Also, it gives them the opportunity to get a little lazy when brushing as they might feel the vibrating and rotating brush is doing all the work for them. So, young children might benefit more from a traditional brush. 

Cons of the Traditional Way 

Kids may find it to be a lot of work to brush all their teeth for two minutes. You need to show your child to brush correctly. Brushing up and down isn’t enough; they should use circular patterns. 

Another thing to be mindful of is being too forceful, which can damage the enamel and gums. It may take a while for them to catch on, potentially leading to increased plaque build-up or injury.  

Timers are crucial, and not just for your child. Everyone needs to brush for two minutes each time. This is the time it takes to remove plaque and thoroughly clean your teeth and tongue properly.  

toothbrush Certified Pediatric Dentist 10952

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