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A child’s dental health is often overlooked because many parents don’t know when to bring their child to the dentist. Many don’t even know why they should take their child to the dentist as soon as they flash their toothy smile. An accredited pediatric dentist in Monsey, New York, will be able to perform numerous procedures and preventative treatments to ensure that your child will have good oral health.

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3 Reasons Why Parents Should Take Their Child to the Dentist

Although the first few visits to the dentist are not solely for preventative measures, these are the best times for parents to learn more about children’s dental care. A pediatric dentist educates parents about problems like baby bottle tooth decay, finger-sucking and pacifier habits, the teething phase, and dental care practices.   

Aside from that, this is also a good time for parents to ask questions to a dental professional. They feel confident about it, knowing that they get first-hand information from a trusted dental care provider. But when should children see a dentist? Pediatric dentists recommend that parents bring their kids when they turn one year old. 

Inspect and Catch Signs of Abnormalities

It is a widespread belief among parents that they don’t need to take their children to the dentist yet since what they have are temporary teeth. However, this is wrong. Permanent teeth grow along with temporary teeth, so you must start caring for them as early as possible. Not only that, but dentists also take note of the inside of the gums aside from the teeth that have already erupted.   

Early detection and diagnosis can also tremendously help mitigate the risks of an oral condition. When you regularly take your child to the dentist, they can check for signs of abnormalities that may lead to severe disease. The earlier your dentist can notice these signs, the better.  

Monitor Development of the Mouth

When your child starts to teethe, many possibilities can happen. Part of that is the possibility of future malocclusions. Thankfully, a pediatric dentist can catch minor issues and fix them before they become a problem.   

In addition, your child’s oral cavity is still in its formative years. Thus, it needs constant monitoring from your dentist. They can observe the development of the child’s teeth and jaw.   

To Get Used to the Process

It’s easier to teach a child than to correct an adult. This quote is also accurate when it comes to dentistry. Bringing your child to the dentist at an early age makes them familiar with the process. By doing this, it won’t be challenging to convince them to visit the dentist when they grow older.   

The pediatric dentist’s office is also child-friendly, with goodie bags, colorful toys, and video games. It will significantly help give your child a positive experience with the dentist, making the next visit less uncomfortable. Children who are not used to visiting the dentist tend to have dental anxiety when they grow older.  

As a result, they face severe dental issues because they put off getting treatment until the pain and discomfort become unbearable. By this time, the problem may have already worsened and turned into a life-threatening disease. 

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Get an Accredited Pediatric Dentist From Monsey, New York  

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