complete and partial dentures 10952

Having a missing tooth is a common problem of a wide age range, although it is more frequent in older age groups. But having complete and partial dentures in 10952 shouldn’t be a problem. Missing some of your natural teeth constitutes more problems than just facial appearance. Thus, you should consider getting dentures, which are a popular choice.  

complete and partial dentures 10952


What is the Difference Between Complete and Partial Dentures?

Deciding whether to get complete or partial dentures depends on the number of missing teeth. If most of your teeth in the dental arch are missing, then maybe you should consider getting complete dentures. However, if only a few are missing, with the rest still in good shape, then partial dentures might be best for you.   

Unfortunately, not enough people want to discuss the possibility of replacing missing teeth. Many factors explain why this happens. Some know less about the negative effects of having an incomplete set of teeth, while others just don’t care at all.    

Why Should You Consider Getting Dentures?

There are many reasons why dentists suggest replacing your missing teeth with dentures. For one, your facial appearance may be distorted since missing some teeth may affect your face shape and ruin your smile. Missing some teeth may also cause you to refrain from smiling, which sends a negative impression to peers and colleagues alike.   

Another reason is that facial muscles may sag. This, in turn, will make you have an older appearance. Nearby teeth might shift as well. The teeth surrounding the missing ones could eventually shift to close up gaps.  

This results in a misalignment, which could further distort the quality of your smile. Additionally, jawbone volume might deteriorate. You may have difficulty pronouncing certain words.  

Missing teeth can negatively affect chewing certain foods. When you don’t replace missing teeth, you may have to make major changes in your diet. This depends on what type of teeth are missing and the supposed function they have.  

Foods high in nutritional value are usually hard to bite, like apples, nuts, and whole-grain bread. On the other hand, many softer foods contain less nutritional value.  

And lastly, your mouth becomes susceptible to bacterial infection. The gums are exposed when you don’t replace missing teeth. This open area may serve as an entry point for unwanted bacteria and may cause bigger problems to your overall oral health.   

Sadly, people dismiss the idea of getting dentures because of the hassle that comes along with them. Traditional dentures, for example, require adhesives to stick and stay in place. They prefer more permanent solutions like dental implants. However, when you’re suffering from diabetes, this is typically not possible.  

Dental implants entail minor surgery, and people with diabetes may heal longer than needed, or if they ever heal at all.  

complete and partial dentures 10952

Replace Your Missing Teeth with Complete and Partial Dentures in 10952

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