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There’s a fine line that differentiates in-office teeth whitening in 10952 from at-home bleaching therapies. What spells the difference is that you get assistance and guidance from your dentist when you choose to do it in a dental clinic. At-home teeth whitening, on the other hand, has been a major cause of disappointment to people because of its undesirable results.   

There are many reasons why teeth get discolored, like smoking and drinking excessive coffee, alcohol, tea, and red wine. Because of this, people ask for help with teeth whitening to get a better smile.   

Unfortunately, reports and cases of enamel damage are primarily linked to unassisted bleaching done at home. Tooth sensitivity is another serious issue patients deal with, which is mostly due to inaccurate peroxide concentration, erroneous application time, and the presence of defective restoration and cracks or cavities.   

Thankfully, all these side effects of bleaching can be addressed when you opt for in-office teeth whitening.   

patient undergoing in-office teeth whitening 10952 

What are the Benefits of In-Office Teeth Whitening?  

Customized Treatments 

As mentioned, many factors explain why teeth get discolored. On this note, tooth discoloration can be different from one person to another. The problem with over-the-counter whitening kits is that they offer a one-size-fits-all solution to the issue. But when you have the guidance of a dental professional, you get the most appropriate solution to your problem.   

That is because your dentist will conduct a series of tests and evaluations first to check your oral health. This sees to it that there are no other concerns that may worsen due to teeth whitening. Your dentist will check for receding gums and abfraction lesions as these oral conditions may hinder teeth bleaching.   

Safe and More Thorough Whitening  

In-office therapies can have higher peroxide concentrations of up to 40%, while at-home systems may only contain 3% to 20% peroxide content. Although peroxide (carbamide and hydrogen) can be harmful to the teeth, your dentist’s guidance will ensure your teeth are well taken care of.   

When you do this at home with a higher peroxide concentration, on the other hand, the risk of tooth damage is extremely high. Enamel damage is irreversible, so you have to be more mindful about it. On the other hand, dentists know the correct way of applying the product without damaging your gum tissue or hurting your teeth.   

Speed and Reliability  

OTC whitening kits continue to lure teenagers and young adults because they are marketed as fast and low-cost alternatives. But that is just not the case. Many whitening products sold online or in drugstores don’t give the desired results as promised.   

Sadly, young patients are more susceptible to this gimmick because they are not well informed of the danger of over bleaching or they don’t care much about the health of their teeth at all. So long as they have white teeth, they think they’re already healthy.   

Conversely, dentists know that prolonged bleaching will cause the process to plateau. In this case, the hydrogen peroxide doesn’t cause any further whitening but is only breaking down the proteins of the enamel and altering its structure. Professional dental care providers also use a shade guide to help them know when the process has reached a plateau.  

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Do You Need In-Office Teeth Whitening in 10952?  

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